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RMA Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy.

LeSiam’s RMA service is only valid for customers who have purchased hardware directly from LeSiam. If you did not purchase from LeSiam, please contact your hardware provider for assistance and they will be able to arrange repair service or a replacement unit for you.

Under Limited Warranty policies, LeSiam will repair your defective hardware . Below are RMA policies that you may need to know before contacting our support team:

  • All exclusions and limitations of warranty service apply. Please read the “Limited Warranty Policy” section for information.
  • Valid service period is twenty-four (24) months, starting from the time of shipment of hardware.

  • You should be the original owner of the defective hardware.

  • LeSiam RMA service would only be provided for customers purchased directly from LeSiam.

  • You should provide valid information to our support team, including: issues experiencing, contact details, model number and serial number of the defective hardware . Please remember to include a Diagnostic Report, exported by installed Network Equipment along with your request to save time for troubleshooting.

Standard RMA.

The RMA process is as follows. Failure to follow this procedure may result in additional charges and delays:

  • Contact LeSiam support team by writing to and describe experienced issues. Please provide enough details for investigation.
  • You should request a RMA number issued by the LeSiam support team with a RMA center address. LeSiam will not accept RMA request without a confirmed RMA number.

  • Customers should ship the hardware back within fourteen (14) calendar days after the RMA request confirmation. RMA authorization is revoked after such grace period.

  • Customer should bear all costs of shipping the defective hardware to LeSiam RMA Center, while LeSiam will be responsible for the costs of sending the repaired hardware back to customer.

  • The authorized RMA number should be written clearly on the returning package.

  • Customer is responsible for proper packaging. Any parts or items damaged by insufficient or inaccurate packaging will void the warranty.

Defective On Arrival (DOA) or Advance Hardware Replacement. 

In the case of DOA or with Advance Hardware Replacement service, a replacement unit may be sent out by LeSiam before customer returns the defective hardware. All the policies of warranty, exclusions, and limitations apply in this case.

Advance Hardware Replacement for a defective hardware will be provided in the event that:

  • LeSiam hardware is found to be DOA.
  • A customer has purchased Extended Protection Plan for that hardware.

Defective On Arrival, DOA, means a hardware is found to be defective that it cannot function properly within the first fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt. In this case, it is LeSiam’s responsibility to replace a functional hardware to the customer.

Advance Hardware Replacement is a service included in Extended Protection Plan.

Below is information which customer may need to know before requesting DOA or Advance Hardware Replacement service:

  • Customers should inform LeSiam Customer Support about issues experienced when request replacement service, with their contact information and serial numbers of the defective hardware.
  • LeSiam Support Team will provide a DOA/RMA number and RMA center address for customer to ship back the defective hardware.

  • In the case of DOA, LeSiam will be responsible for the shipping costs both ways. Shipping method will be provided for customer to send in the defective hardware. Return shipping will be also handled by LeSiam.

  • In the event of Advance Hardware Replacement, customer should bear all costs of shipping the defective hardware to LeSiam RMA Center. LeSiam will be responsible for the return shipping only.

  • Customers should send back the defective hardware within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the replacement hardware, or LeSiam reserves the right to invoice customers at list price of that replacement hardware.

Please contact Customer Service of your LeSiam hardware provider for assistance on RMA / DOA / Advance Hardware Replacement arrangements.